An appeal to Dawg Nation: Please help Canada

Last week, I received an email from a fellow named Mike that I would like to share with you all:

Hey Dave,

A bunch of buddies and myself are coming down to Atlanta from northern Canada for a bachelor party weekend and we're catching a Bulldogs game on November 12th.  I was just wondering if you had any recommendations on the best way for the group of us (about 10 guys) to get from Atlanta to the game and back considering that we are definitely going to be drinking and enjoying the Dawgs atmosphere?
Thanks for any suggestions you can offer,



Evangeline Lilly is Canadian.  If she were Lost, you'd help her, right?

My first thought (along with some of my fellow DawgSports authors) was this:  How in the heck did some dude from Yellowknife (my assumption;-) score 10 tickets to the Auburn game?  My second thought was anyone who is willing to travel by plane, train and snowmobile to come all the way down to Georgia to support the Georgia Bulldogs can't be nothin' but good people.  I'm all for bolstering the foreign policy relations of any country that still regards the USA as an ally, and if you're currently up on the geo-political climate of the world, you realize we need as many friends as we can get.  This is a chance to solidify good relations with an important border rival country.  Maybe we can get Canada to become the 14th member of the SEC?  I'd rather see them included before West Damn Virginia.  Back on point.  Unfortunately, I'm in no position to help out Mike because I've been living in the swamps of South Florida (...really, I have.  The Everglades are literally 1 mile from my house) since 1993.  I'm totally out of the loop regarding anything Atlanta (other than Hartsfield Airport).  Is Maynard Jackson still mayor?  Here's where you all come in.

Mike needs the help of Dawgnation.  Ludakit immediately suggested we provide advice on where our intrepid traveler can partake of "crafted" beer because I read somewhere that if a Canadian drinks our weak-assed version of malted spirits, they go into immediate convulsions. I have faith that Mike et al will have no trouble finding some beer that meets their nutritional requirements.  But transportation to-and-from Atlanta to Athens seems to be the biggest need. 


I'm not sure which one is Mike...

November 12th is the Auburn game.  I hate Auburn.  I know for a fact that the Energy Bus will be unavailable for use.  Or at least, it better be.  Remember last year?  You know, Trooper Taylor acting like a complete horse's ass for the whole :60 minutes.  Nick Fairley doing his very best to permanently maim Aaron Murray, and largely getting away with it because SEC officials are all direct descendents of Mr. Magoo.  Cam Newton being Cam Newton, which is to say he's a very talented football player who got away with...oh, nevermind.  Did I mention that I hate Auburn?

Anyway, please help out Mike and his buddies.  I'm sure there are some great suggestions out there that are just waiting to be posted.

And before I go, I just got an email from Xinyue 56676.  He (or is it she?) is bringing 180 friends from Shanghai to the Kentucky game.  I heard some students traded their seats in their part of the stadium for some stuff.  Okay, students:  I'm calling you out.

C-O-A-C-H watches

best quality, NOT KNOCKOFFS!

Pay Pay

China is not an ally.  We don't even recruit there.

Anyway, Xinyue wants to know the best way to get from Macon to Atlanta...  Evidently, Macon has quite the reputation in the Far East and the Chinese hate UK.  It's a fact!

Go Dawgs!

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