What Does Georgia Look Like?: In Defense of Todd Grantham's Behavior at the End of the Vandy Game

At the end of Georgia's game with Vanderbilt, Todd Grantham was involved in a scuffle at midfield before the team left the field. In the post game rant thread, many commenters expressed disappointment at his behavior. I believe they are incorrect in their assessment for one reason...

What does Georgia look like?

Georgia fans have been begging for a coach like Todd Grantham for years.

I get that it doesn't look good for a coach to get involved with post-game shenanigans. I get that this looks especially bad against a team like Vanderbilt.... "act like you've been there before" and whatnot.

But the fact of the matter is that CTG is a highly intense and emotional guy. He's exactly the kind of coach for which we've been pining since early in the Willie Martinez era.

Its often said that Mark Richt's biggest flaw is that he doesn't have a killer instinct. That he isn't emotional enough. During the reign of Willie Two Thumbs, many begged for a Brian Van Gorder type DC. The fanbase gets riled up about things that happen on the field and wants a coach that reacts with the kind of vitriol that we do. A frequent criticism of the offense is that they don't go for the throat when the opportunity presents itself... again, lack of a killer instinct.

Richt isn't going to change, but he doesn't have to. We have a DC that embodies all the qualities mentioned above. In the in-game comment thread, the response to Grantham's behavior was generally positive. The reaction at the Goat Roast was overwhelmingly the same. Upon further reflection, in the post-game rant thread many were more critical of CTG's actions. I'm sure that following the game, Grantham felt similarly. He was caught up in the moment, defending his players and his team. He was exhibiting the same type of intensity we find so appealing in his coaching.

Coach Grantham is a balls to the wall coach... which is what our team desperately needs. He can't be expected to simply switch this on and off at will. I don't speak for DawgSports and I certainly don't speak for the fanbase at large, but I'm willing to excuse the occasional "classless" outburst if the same intensity instills in our defense the attitude that was so sorely missing in the previous regime.

As always, I look forward to hearing the varied viewpoints of the fanbase in the comments.


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