Is Bobo the secret to Grantham's success?

(Note: This post is meant for people with a sense of humor .  If you do not have a sense of humor, please feel free to avoid this article altogether.  If you insist on reading it anyway and feel the need to complain in the comments, please identify yourself beforehand as someone with no sense of humor so the author and other blog readers may choose to ignore you accordingly. Addendum: I make no promises about the quality of the jokes, just that they are intended as such.)  STOLEN from RedCrake, but it seemed to fit after I finished writing this.

OK, so the subject was an eye catcher to get you to read the rest, but there may be some truth in those words.  It seems, and I know that we all know this, but a defense, when given time to rest, should perform better.  How do you accomplish this, you might ask?  The obvious answer is ball control, keep the ball in the hands of the offense longer and give your defense time to recharge.  As written by T Kyle King and myself, it is obvious that the DAWGS have a great defensive unit this year, but can the maturing offensive unit and by association, Mike Bobo, take any of that credit? 

As a disclaimer to the total accuracy of these calculations; first, I have only included Division I FBS opponents in these calculations (sorry did not want to pad them with the 4-1 Chanticleers); and second, I have removed all end of games drives where the winning team had possession. Against Boise State the Dawg offense held the ball an average 1:57 per possession and we all know the final score showed us all that the Broncos put 35 points on the board.  Against the Gamecocks, the offense was on the field for an average of 2:03 per possession and, while we will all concede that the offense gave up almost as many points as they scored, the final on the score board was USCe 45 - UGA 42.  Against the cousin colleges from the Magnolia State, we started to see the offense get into gear and actually get yardage and eat time.  Against both schools the offense was on the field for an average of 2:32 per possession and the Dawgs only gave up 23 points in both games (13 and 10).  Now I know what most of you are thinking by this point that is not even 30 seconds more each possession than against South Carolina, but look at it in these terms:  The Dawgs had 13 meaningful drives against each team and 15 against the Gamecocks.  29 seconds really means that against the Ackbars er Rebels and Dogs the UGA defense had an extra 6:17 of time off the field.  Had the offense controlled the ball those measly, extra 29 seconds per drive, the defense would have been off the field for a total of 7:15 of the game and one could reasonably reach a far conclusion that the offense would not have surrendered some of the points they did (Lawyers and Accountants will argue with that conclusion, but Scientists are supposed to draw hypotheses). 

Now against the tick-infested, coon hounds of the north, the offense stayed on the field for 4:13 seconds each time.  Net results 12 points surrendered.  Now before anyone starts the 12 is more than the 10 we gave the other pooches of the SEC, I will further hypothesize that the orange evilly-clad pups are better than the ones in the artificial red, and only one point less than their cousins.  Unfortunately this cannot be proven this year as Tinnec does not meet either of the Magnolia State teams this year, so just accept it. 

Ok, I will accept that now most of you are just saying all you have managed to do in this diatribe is show proof to what we all know; keep your offense on the field and the opponent would score fewer points.  A hundred monkeys in a room could have typed the same and have been more concise.  GIVEN.  So let me go on and further prove the point. 


Total Yards


Boise State



South Carolina



Ole Miss



Mississippi State






So what does this prove and how does it support my argument that Bobo can take credit for the success of the defense?  First it further proves the articles I linked to at the beginning of this, that this defense is pretty darn good.  It also illustrates that as the offense has controlled the ball, given the defense more time off the field, and more time to get oxygen back into their blood that the defensive line can explode off the ball, fill the running lanes, require double and triple teams, and have a presence in the back field.  It also illustrates that it allows the linebackers to be more explosive, abuse the corners and destroy the running backs.

Conclusion (and many of you are muttering FINALLY):  Draw your own


"See, the GNB ain't all evil" - CMB

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