An Uniformed Fan Seeks Help.

First of all, my name is Kyle and I live in Seattle.  I'd just like to say that I've been a big Georgia fan from afar for a while now.  How that love came to be is kind of nerdy and embarrassing, but I feel like we're all friends here, so I'll tell you that my fandom began with NCAA Football '06.  DJ Shockley is one of my favorite players of all time for no other reason than he won me a National Title on a video game.  It was Shockley to Leonard Pope in the seam all day long, and I'm sad both have washed out of the NFL.

Also, Mack Strong went to Georgia, and I love Mack Strong (being a Seahawk fan and all).


Anyways, I realized today (while playing NCAA '11, no less) that I don't really know anything about UGA.  I mean, the game tells me your rivals consist of Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, and Auburn.  But it also says that Wazzu's rivals are Washington, Idaho, and Oregon State.  The only reason Idaho is a "rival" is because their campus is 8 miles from ours.  We don't hate them, we just think of them as a little brother.  We want them to succeed, but at the end of the day, we can still beat them up whenever we want to.  Oregon State baffles me, as I would have expected Oregon to be listed as a rival instead.  I actually like the Beavers, and I know a ton of Cougars who feel no ill will towards OSU.  The Huskies are a different matter, as I hate them with every fiber in my being.

So I needed to ask real Georgia fans, who are your guys' real rivals?  I know teams in the SEC have like 10 different rivalries, so I'll probably get different answers depending on who I talk to.  I thought Tennessee and Florida were pretty big rivals, but perhaps they're just conference rivals.


Also a few questions I wouldn't mind getting answered:

- Favorite Bulldog of all time?

- Least favorite Bulldog of all time?

- Out of all your rivals, which team do you hate the most?  (I'm talking pure hatred.  Like, you'd almost rather see them lose than UGA win you hate them so much)

- Is there a certain position UGA is known for developing well? (i.e. Penn State is Linebacker U, Auburn puts out RBs, etc)


Anything else that anyone feels is a need-to-know for someone attempting to become a better Georgia Bulldog fan would be most appreciated.  I understand this is kind of cheezy and I feel like a fanboy at a Star Trek convention or something, but since I love my SBNation site and the community that I'm a part of over at CougCenter, I figured the Georgia site would be just as hospitable and help me out.


Thanks a lot everyone.

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