Most Disliked Coach in the SEC

I was in the car and listening to the Scott Van Pelt show on ESPN radio and they were talking about how a couple of years ago when Auburn was hiring a new coach there was strong support for hiring Turner Gill instead of Gene Chizik. It got me to thinking that I honestly don't mind Chizik and I think he is a good coach, I know that there are also a lot of rival fanbases that think a lot of Mark Richt as well.  In the true Yin/Yang of good vs evil there have to be some coaches that are universally disliked as well. I rank them as follows from most disliked to least disliked (or most liked). The only rule is that you can't include your coach in the list.

1. Urban Meyer-aka Irwin Meyers, the Coarch-Ok I know that most of you are saying "of course you dislike him the most, he coaches your biggest rival, has two MNC's, etc". Honestly my bone of contention with the Coarch is how he treats people to include his own family. His retirement/unretirement last year, as well as his general disdain for anyone who says anything negative about his Gator program (section 37F must be getting kinda full these days) and his latest bunch of garbage in letting Chris (Time to die b--ch) Rainey back on the team just in time for the UGA game (which incidentaly coincides with a 3 game losing streak for UF). The man is a hypocrite, and a liar and I personally have no use for him.

2. Bobby Petrino-aka Slick Bobby-The man is slime, plain and simple. He would sell his own mother out if it meant that he could win a game. I can't understand after his exit from Atlanta how any parent could let their son play for the man. What kind of morals and priciples can the guy actually try and teach and keep a straight face?

3. Houston Nutt-aka The Nutt Case-Here is another one that would do just about anything to win a football game. I honestly believe that he would sign Osama Bin Laden if he could throw and run a 4.2 40yd dash. He is the reason that the SEC has a cap on how many players you can sign per year after his 35 man class in 2009. He has no scruples, no morals, and no integrity.

4. Nick Saban-aka The Armani Bear-I don't necessarily have a  strong dislike for Saban (it's hard to dislike someone who doesn't have a personality) but he ranks #4 on the list because of the use of the "medical disqualification" to cut players and the fact that he has yanked scholarships from players that weren't performing to bring in new players. I don't think he is quite the mercenary as #1-3 on the list, but I wouldn't put much past him either.

5. Steve Spurrier-aka Darth Visor, The Ol' Ball Coach-There was a time when the OBC would have been #1 on this list by a wide margin. I think that his time with the Redskins and being the Head Coach in Columbia has humbled him a bit. Even with South Carolina the odds on favorite to win the SEC East you don't hear him chirping nearly as much as in the past and I have to admit I miss it a little bit. His digs at the other coaches (especially the Great Pumpkin) were always a source of entertainment. Still I can never forgive him for the flea flicker in '95.

6. Dan Mullen-I don't really dislike the guy and I actually admire him a little for what he has done at Miss St. He has taken a program that has had little to no sucess and turned it into a competative team. I guess the what puts him here on the list is the potential for him to be a douche if Miss St keeps winning.

7. Gene Chizik-Again I really don't dislike the guy for any particular reason other than he coaches our oldest rival. I think he's a good coach.

8. Joker Phillips-How can you dislike a guy named Joker?

9. Les Miles-aka The Mad Hatter-I can't see where anyone can dislike Les Miles (unless you are an LSU fan and have almost had 3-4 heart attacks over the last few seasons). You can bet that with the Hat as one of the coaches you are in for an entertaining game. The guy is crazy as a spotted @ss ape!

10. Derek Dooley-aka Precious-World War II references not withstanding, I have a hard time disliking the guy. I actually feel really sorry for him to be honest. Having to teach your players to bathe and having an overbearing mother will do that to you.

11.  Robbie Caldwell-Wouldn't you like to have a beer with this guy just to hear what nutty thing he is going to say next? How many SEC coaches can talk about inseminating a turkey??


What say you Dawg Nation?


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