CMR as a Gopher, Cougar, Aggie,ect....

With Tim Brewster being given his walking papers the crew at the The Daily Gopher has their list of potential replacements.  Who is listed as #2?  Yep ,you guessed it:

The Unemployment Group (4)

  • * Mike Leach - (former HC at Texas Tech) - popular among fans, might be too edgy for administration
  • Mark Richt - (assuming he gets fired as HC at Georgia) - has a great win% in SEC
  • Phil Fulmer - (former HC at Tennessee) - won a national championship, might want another shot to prove he can coach
  • Tony Dungy - (former HC for Indianapolis) - I don't know why I put him here, there's a better chance I'd get the job than there is that he'd accept it


  • Kirby Smart - (DC at Alabama) - a Georgia guy who may get Georgia job, not likely a B10 candidate
  • Todd Grantham - (DC at Georgia) - Big Ten ties coaching at Michigan State

    While TKK has repeatedly opined that CMR would not leave UGA for another job (an opinion I share) ,the "hot seat" talk has, and will continue to, put him in discussions about vacancies.  The commenters are all over the place with this:

    my knowledge of this stuff is limited but

    to my mind Richt would be a dream. I don’t know how dissatisfied Georgia fans are with him, but looking at their schedule, I’d say they’re likely to finish right around .500 – you have to think that’s not going to get it done in Georgia.

    I'm feverished, or the way you want to spell it

    by plinytheelder on Oct 17, 2010 7:23 AM PDT reply actions  

    Georgia could still win the SEC

    I don’t understand why we talk about Richt so much. The Bulldogs are 0.5 games out of first place in the SEC East. I don’t think he is going anywhere (yes, I know, the entire SEC East is down).



    An outside perspective

    AS a Wolverine fan, I feel your pain, but let me give you a non-gopher perspective on your coaching list:
    - I really think your top 3 are Richt, Leach, and Golden in that order. Richt is going to get canned, but he’s an above average coach who can win with the big boys but might not be a “next level” guy.. think, wait for it, Glen Mason. Leach would be a great hire for you all, but like you said, your admin may balk at his baggage. Golden would be good as well, and he actually may be the most available, especially if JoePa doesn’t leave after this year.
    - Forget all the mountain west guys, even Calhoun. He’s a AF guy through and through, and I’d expect him to be there as long as DeBarry if they let him (especially now since they’re poised to take back the service academy top dog mantle from a slipping Navy)
    - Outside of the above mentioned guys, you all may really need to go to D I AA route. Isn’t one of the Dakotas coaches relatively successful (I thought I remember seeing one of those team constantly in the D IAA playoff semis)? Local guy who will recruit the local area, probably has a system they’re comfortable with, and be able to establish winning credibility fast.
    - Harbaugh is a no go— think Steve Alford syndrome. Magee is stuck to RichRod (R still calls most of the plays and comes up with the game plans each week… Magee is his sounding board more than play caller).
    - Out of the pro guys, Trestman is the most intriguing. I would think with his CFL experience and West Coast experience in the NFL, you’d be looking at a Andy Reid type of pass happy WC offense.

    by Wolverine In Exile on Oct 17, 2010 12:53 PM PDT reply actions  

    Don't hire Richt

    He’ll probably pull a Gene Chizik. Once the next high profile SEC job opens he’s gone.


    Ouch, a Glen Mason and Chizik comparison in the same thread, painful.  Regardless, if heaven forbid, CMR is fired, I doubt he would be unemployed for very long. It would be a shame if our loss of CMR would be another program's gain.

    Expect to see more of this as other coaches lose their jobs.

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