I guess this doesn't fall under the umbrella of Kiffinfreude...

... because he's actually having to pay money back to Tennessee after leaving. Maybe call it "Karmafreude." 

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the Tennessee Athletic Department actually lost money last year. Yes, that's right... in a time where Georgia's athletics department is making tens of millions of dollars in profit every year, Big (Creamsicle) Orange can't seem to even balance the budget.


Ah, remember the halcyon years months days when  all that mattered was ogling Layla and trying to commit secondary violations as rapidly as possible?  


Now, I'm aware that most NCAA athletics programs lose money. In the SEC over the last few years, however, the UT athletic department received huge money from the CBS and ESPN TV contracts, BCS residuals from Florida, Alabama, LSU, and Georgia's coattails, and not to mention the revenue from selling out 100,000-seat Neyland Stadium 6 times a year and 21,000-seat Thompson-Boling arena for both men's and women's basketball games. Come on, dude... after all that, Mike Hamilton couldn't scrape up enough scratch to at least balance the budget?

I mean, we all know that Tennessee's athletics department is no Georgia or Florida, and they don't have incredible success in sports that aren't on television.  That should have virtually no impact on the overall financial health of the department, however.  (In fact, since big programs like UGA and UF would ostensibly spend more for good coaches, facilities, etc., on non-revenue-generators like tennis, swimming and diving, golf, soccer, softball, and equestrian, that would actually be a disadvantage for them from a fiscal standpoint.  Note that I didn't include gymnastics, which actually is Georgia's third-largest revenue generator behind football and men's basketball.)

The article from the Chattanooga paper blames the coaching change in football in 2008, because UT was forced to pay The Great Pumpkin $5 million for firing him, and the athletic department as a whole posted a loss of $3.2 million.  In a conference where other AD's are posting tens of millions in profit, though, that explanation just won't cut it. Football generates the vast majority of the revenue for any athletic department, and when your program is pulling in $60 million+ a year, a $5 million bill is not what's bankrupting you.


This picture apparently contains two examples of people who can talk a good game while failing miserably... and who should have never been hired in the first place.


Big Orange is a power in the two biggest revenue generating sports in the college ranks... football and men's basketball.  The fact that Mike Hamilton can't parlay that into making a single dime of profit means that he should be fired.

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