So Tech hired Groh, did we even notice?

Of course everyone is reporting that Tech hired Al Groh as their new DC.  I did see a post somewhere about how they were stealing our thunder.  (Was it in the AJC maybe?)  I just wonder how they could possibly be stealing our thunder when we didn't even seem to notice they hired anyone.  As usual, the one thing we have in common with Tech fans is we all think about UGA Football 24/7/365.

According to Paul Newberry:

Groh went 59-53 during his tenure at Virginia, including five bowl appearances. He set out several criteria before deciding where he wanted to coach in 2010, and said Georgia Tech meets them.

The top priority was taking a job where there’s a chance to win championships. The Yellow Jackets are coming off an 11-3 season that included a victory over Clemson in the ACC title game, but ended with a 24-14 loss to Iowa in the Orange Bowl.

"I think any time you can get a coach the caliber of an Al Groh, it is a tremendous plus for your program," coach Paul Johnson said. "Al has a great deal of expertise. He is considered one of the top defensive minds in the country and has a record to support it."

Somehow, I didn't realize that going 59-53 over 9 years (an overall percentage of only .5268) constitutes a record to support the assertion that he is "one of the top defensive minds in the country."  But then again, I'm a lowly accountant and certainly don't know football as well as CPJ.

Of a somewhat more comical note Mr. Newberry reports:

At his post-game news conference, Groh read a poem, "The Guy in the Glass," about how the most important person an individual has to please is himself. He closed with a testimonial about himself.

"When I visited the guy in the glass, I saw that he’s a guy of commitment, of integrity, of dependability and accountability," he said. "He’s loyal, his spirit is indomitable and he’s caring and loving. I’m sure I will always call the guy in the glass a friend."

Kind of makes me wonder if Mr. Groh is aware that there is no "I" in team.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm as proud as anyone of having a HC at UGA that clearly espouses the values of commitment, integrity, dependability, accountability, and loyalty.  But I don't recall the last time CMR said anything even remotely close to this in a post-game news conference.  I guess CMR just isn't much of a talker.  Either that, or he doesn't feel the need to tell the world what a great guy he is. 

All in all, I'd have to say that our DC hire > their DC hire.

What say you Bulldog nation?

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