Herschel Walker: Football, MMA, and The Future

I know that the news about Herschel fighting MMA has already be brought up on this site but I thought this link was worth checking out.

HERE IS THE LINK!!!!!  Make sure you check it out!

Here are a few things that the link talks about.....


                                                     In reference to his football days for the Dawgs....

If you were to walk down the streets of Athens Georgia and ask ten people who Herschel Walker is, they will smile and tell you their favorite story about him.  They won’t tell you that he was the arguably the greatest, they will say he WAS THE greatest.  Forrest Griffin is also from the area.  I can’t promise 10 people could tell you who he is…


                                                About what he brings to the Strikeforce Organization...

Herschel Walker not only brings an interesting fame with him into the fights, he very well may be resetting the bar of athleticism in the entire sport of MMA.  Name another that participated in the Bobsled at the Olympics, almost ran track in the Olympics, is a football legend, and fights MMA…You can’t.



                                              What he may be doing for the sport of mixed martial arts...

The move to MMA is very late for Walker.  He is well beyond his football days, and the move seems to be more of a mid-life crisis than a legit goal, but it could open the doors for more athletes in the future.  Each year and each television that tunes into TUF, Unleashed, and re-runs of MMA shows we will get new fans.  With that will come the increased motivation to become a cage fighter.

I am not talking about the typical tough guy at the bar, I am talking about legit mixed martial artists.  It is a matter of time before top athletes train in two or three disciplines for ten years, then turn pro when they turn 18.  Could you imagine what Lebron James would do in the heavyweight division is he boxed, did jits, and wrestled since he could walk instead of playing basketball?  He is a million times more athletic than anyone that has ever stepped foot into a Strikeforce or UFC fight.



I hope you guys enjoy!  Make sure you hit up THIS LINK for the rest of the article.

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