Conference Predictions--2009 ed.

I did these last year, with mixed results. Ole Miss and Cincinnatti as surprises--good calls. Penn State and Bama as disappointments--bad calls.

Here's hoping I'll hit over .600 this year.

SEC East

Winner--Gates. I hate Florida.

Surprise--UGA. I also hate the thought of jinxing the Dawgs. But I'm assuming that Cox will take care of the ball. My other, possibly bigger assumption, is that Samuel will do the same. So long as we do that, I expect a more effecient, if less spectacular offense, than we've seen for the past couple of seasons. The coaches may not be able to dial up any play from any spot of the field without Stafford's arm, but maybe calling a few less 25 yard passing plays will be a good thing. Those Big12 offenses do pretty well with a steady diet of the underneath stuff. We'll go to a BCS bowl.

Disappointment--I'm going Cackalack here. As much as I'd love Lainey to fall on his face, I think that he'll get at least one big win. I don't see Spurrier winning anything of significance this season. And I'm calling a loss tomorrow night.

SEC West

Winner--The shine has worn off of Ole Miss in the past few months. But they get LSU and Bama at home, don't play UGA or Florida, and have the best QB of the Big3 in the West. I think LSU's the best team in the division, though.

Surprise--Arkansas. They'll beat at least one of the Big3. I wouldn't be surprised if they're the Western team to upset UF this year. They catch Florida the week after the Gators return from Death Valley.

Disappointment--LSU, but only because I think back to back games against Georgia and Florida early in the year and Ole Miss and Arkansas to close it out will be tough on the Tigers. They'll lose 2 and maybe even 3 of those. It's not a good year to have easily the toughest draw from the East.


Big12 North

Winner--Colorado. They disappointed me last year, but I think Hawkins is a good coach, and they've got to turn it around at some point.

Disappointment--Kansas. Again.

Big12 South

Winner--Texas. BOOM!!! MOTHER... Also conference champs.

Disappointment--Oklahoma. Their schedule is as tough as anyone in the Big12's. At least 2 losses in the regular season.


Winner--USC. Even with the freshman at QB.

Surprise--Stanford. Harbaugh shows that the toilet was worth the money. They're boring offensively, but I've read good things about their new QB.  

Disappointment--Cal. Much of this is because they're one of the few Pac10 teams that anyone expects much out of. They'll finish with a strong record, but the early season trip to the new stadium up in Minnessotta may trip them up.

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