Friday Morning Dawg Bites

I generally have eschewed "link dump" posts in recent months, but there was enough stuff going on in the blogosphere that I thought it warranted taking up a few moments of your time to hit some of the highlights . . . although, if you’re looking for the short version, you may want to read the first and last bullet points and skip the rest:

  • Rarely will a sports fan receive a more encouraging endorsement than this. I hope to have an update on that effort in the near future. Stay tuned, and G.A.T.A.

  • If you want to feel better about the Oklahoma State game, Dr. Saturday has the preview for you.

  • Speaking of Dr. Saturday, I have a brief bit of good news for Brian Cook in response to this recent post. However little he may think of SB Nation, Brian will be relieved to learn that the Sunday Morning Quarterback content didn’t go anywhere.

  • Is Damon Evans to blame for the decline of Bulldog athletics? I don’t think that’s a fair criticism of our athletic director, whose status as a Georgia alumnus and former football player gives him good reasons for caring about more than just the financial bottom line. A lot of factors go into those numbers, including the collapse of Georgia men’s basketball under Dennis Felton (a situation Evans has gone to great lengths to remedy), rough seasons for otherwise successful coaches David Perno in 2007 and Andy Landers last year, the Florida Gators and LSU Tigers each claiming two national championships in football in the last six years, the resurgence of Bayou Bengal baseball, and the elevation of Gator men’s basketball. This is the kind of thing where critics need to name names; if there’s a sport in which Georgia is underperforming to a degree that a head coach (as opposed to, say, a defensive coordinator) needs to be let go, tell me the sport, the head coach, and the reasons why. I’m not saying such coaches don’t exist, but, if they do, that’s where the discussion needs to be focused.

  • I’m not going to lie to you; I don’t care the first thing about cycling. Many sports fans do, however, and, since a loyal Dawg Sports reader e-mailed me about a series of Tour de France preview articles, I thought I’d direct you toward them. Maize ‘n’ Brew Dave, by contrast, sent me a link to something that was more up my alley.

  • I am pleased to report that Robert Dean Lurie, an old friend of mine from college, has entered the blogosphere (albeit not in a sports-related capacity). Back in the days when Rob was referring to me as "the most dangerous man on campus," the only column of mine The Red and Black refused to run during my days as the University of Georgia student newspaper’s token conservative controversialist was one about Rob’s music. Incidentally, his first book recently was released and I plan to spend the next week reading it, for reasons to which I will get anon.

  • Did the old bowl system qualify as "the bad old days"? Not to anyone who enjoys competitive games to settle national championships, it didn’t. Senator Blutarsky chimes in, as well.

  • You know, I know, and the American people know that there have been times in the last six months that I have been mailing it in here at Dawg Sports. Lately, I’ve been testy, irritable, and ill-humored. This is due in large part to the fact that I haven’t taken back-to-back business days off from work for any reason other than illness in two years, and it shows. Consequently, I am pleased to report that I’ll be taking next week off to spend some time with my family, read a good book, and unwind a little. While I do not anticipate posting anything next week, MaconDawg will be here, as always, and several regular commenters graciously have agreed to take up the slack, so you’ll get to hear a few new voices given center stage during "open mic week" at Dawg Sports.

Aside from my traditional Independence Day posting tomorrow, I’m out of here for a week. Be good, be safe, and God bless America.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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