The Georgia Bulldogs "All-Name" Football Team (1964-2008)

You can tell it’s the offseason, because we all have too much time on our hands where intercollegiate athletics are concerned. How much time do we have on our hands? I have gone to the trouble of compiling the Georgia Bulldogs "all-name" football team; that’s how much time we all have on our hands.

First, a few ground rules. I used only players from 1964 to the present. Since 1964 was Vince Dooley’s first year as the Bulldogs’ head coach and the first year for which the media guide lists offensive and defensive starters separately, that seemed like a good starting point.

I also used only starters, and I listed players who lined up at multiple positions by the year they started at the position to which they have been assigned. My middle linebacker is listed in the media guide only at "linebacker," but his was the one name that had to appear on such a list. Likewise, due to changes of scheme and terminology over the years, I decided to lump in strong safeties with rovers. Otherwise, I don’t think I took any liberties, and, where possible, I listed backups.

We start with the offense:

LT – Winford Hood (1983)
LG – Mayo Tucker (1969)
C – Wayne Radloff (1982)
RG – LeMonte Tellis (1988)
RT – Wilbur Strozier (1985-‘86)
TE – Ulysses Norris (1977-‘78)
SE – Cassius Osborn (1984, 1986)
FL – Amp Arnold (1979-’80)
QB – Preston Ridlehuber (1964-‘65)
FB – Alphonso Ellis (1987-‘88)
RB – Knowshon Moreno (2007-’08)

Backups: Resty Beadles (G ’94-‘96), Selma Calloway (RB ’95, ‘97), Carmon Prince (FL ‘78), Rex Putnal (SE ‘70), Ray Rissmiller (LT ‘64), Troy Sadowski (TE ’85-‘88), D.J. Shockley (QB ’05), Brannan Southerland (FB ’05-‘07)

Honorable mention went to Lenny Ellspermann, the Bulldogs’ starting split end in 1972, who just couldn’t crack the lineup against the other fellows at that position. This brings us to the Georgia all-name defense:

LE – Calvin Ruff (1983, 1985)
LT – Jiggy Smaha (1967)
RT – Hiawatha Berry (1989)
RE – Carlyle Hewatt (1984)
WLB – Knox Culpepper (1983)
MLB – Happy Dicks (1967-‘68)
SLB – Chip Wisdom (1971)
SS/ROV – Terreal Bierria (2000)
FS/SAF – Buck Swindle (1969-‘70)
RCB – Buzy Rosenberg (1970-‘72)
LCB – Carlos Yancy (1994)

Backups: Sylvester Boler (SLB ‘74), Jerone Jackson (FS ‘73), Mo Lewis (LB ’88-‘90), Armin Love (SS ’95), Wycliffe Lovelace (DT ’86, ‘88), Alandus Sims (RCB ‘95), Ronnie Swoopes (RT ’75), Ben Zambiasi (WLB ’75-‘77)

I felt badly for Abb Ansley, the Bulldogs’ starting rover in 1974, who had the same problem as Lenny Ellspermann. Next up was my biggest challenge, choosing from among the specialists:

P – Spike Jones (1967-‘69)
PK – Dax Langley (1994-‘96)

Backups: Bucky Dilts (P ’74-‘76), Hap Hines (PK ’96-‘99)

I have to say, it was hard opting against Brandon Coutu, Gordon Ely-Kelso, Hap Hines, Kanon Parkman, and Rex Robinson.

Naturally, some tough calls had to be made, and you may have made them differently. Which ones did I get wrong? Which ones did I get right? What glaring omissions are in need of correction? As always, your answers are welcome in the comments.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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