Evil Richt 2: The Heretic


Georgia, showing no ill effects from back-to-back losses, came out firing.  In one of the most lopsided victories in recent series history, Vandy had no answer for a 63-3 thrashing.  However, the bigger story was not the hits on the field. In an uncharacteristic act of aggression, Vanderbilt's mascot "Mr. Commodore" was punched in the face just prior to kickoff by Georgia coach Mark Richt.  Television cameras caught the incident just after the pre-kickoff huddle. 

Video shows the venerable mascot affectionately known as "Mr. C" approaching the Georgia sideline. Suddenly, and without warning, the usually mild-mannered Richt burst from the player's huddle and threw a perfect upper-cut to the size-able jaw of the Vandy icon. 

Penn Wagers, the head SEC official for the game, threw an unsportsmanlike penalty flag on coach Richt.  However, the game had not officially started and the  penalty was rescinded.  On the ensuing kickoff, Wagers did penalize A.J. Green for excessive smiling, giving Vanderbilt a first down in Georgia territory on their opening drive.  Vanderbilt managed it's only points of the day as Georgia completely dominated the game from that point on.

"I don't know what got into coach Richt," said Georgia's all-SEC linebacker Rennie Curran.  "But every now and then a little of the devil might just be a good thing." 

"Maybe this will carry us through the rest of the season," said beleaguered defensive coordinator Willie Martinez.  "I know it sure fired up my defense.  In fact, we just played lights out and the only adjustment I needed to make all afternoon was to alternate my thumbs-up...from one to two and then back to one again."

Mike Slive, commisioner of the SEC, has already sent a remprimand to Richt.  The context of the warning has yet to be released to the media.  However, shortly after the game concluded Richt did not answer any direct questions. 

"I am no longer talking to the media," Richt said immediately after the game as the media swarmed the Georgia coach.  "From here on out, if you want answers please refer to our new media contact Pulpwood Smith.  I'm out, biotches."  He then promptly French kissed his wife for, in the opinion of this writer, a long, long time.

"Rest assured, there will be repercussions," Slive stated at a post-game teleconference.  "Georgia can certainly expect more penalty flags for no particular reason."

Georgia has an open date before the annual showdown against top-ranked Florida in Jacksonville.  Could be interesting.

In my dreams.  Oh, Lord...I can dream.

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