Conference predictions--part two

Now comes the Pac10, Big East and SEC


Winner--USC.  They're a machine.

Disappointment--Cal.  Every year this team gets hyped up pretty good and some years/games they actually have been very good.  But in many other games/seasons they've been huge disappointments.  Since toppling #1 USC in 03, they've posted a 6-8 record against top 25 teams.  I'm thinking their overrated ways continue this season.

Surprise--I'll go with Arizona.  No one really excites me in the group, although I'm sure there will be some solid teams throughout the conference.  Just no top tier talent after USC.

Big OOC losses--Oregon/Purdue; Cal/MSU; ASU/UGA; UCLA/BYU; UW/everyone

Big East

Winner--South Florida.  They have a wealth of talent and Mike Ford is just the type of back that could win a game at WVU in December.

Disappointment--Rutgers.  Sorry, this crowd may be on the way up in the world and should have many NorthEasterners licking their chops for their upcoming series with ND, but I think they'll lose 5 and maybe even 6 games in the regular season.

Surprise--Cincinnati.  They're quietly building a decent little program.  I don't think they'll win 10 again, but they'll win at least 8 and maybe 9 in the regular season.  Unfortunately, they'll have to replace Kelly in a couple of years.  He's in for big things.

Big OOC losses--WVU/Auburn; Rutgers/UNC; Rutgers/Fresno


Winner--UGA.  Shocker.

Disappointment--Bama.  Saban's bringing in a lot more talent and they've apparentl gotten into much better shape, but he's still a year away from an impressive record.  After he loses to Auburn again there will be open questioning of him as the right fit for Bama.  He's going to carry the full burden of the streak, not just the games he's lost.

Surprise--Ole Miss.  Nutt's a pretty good coach and he's got a lot of Orgeron recruited talent in Oxford.  They have a quality quarterback in Snead and Greg Hardy's the best DE in the SEC when he wants to be.  In a weak west, I think they win enough to go bowling and upset Wake and possibly Bama.

Big OOC losses--Bama/Clemson; Miss State/Tech; Ark/UT#1

Small school picks

Utah and BYU fight for a BCS slot in the Civil War with Utah winning

Fresno will beat Rutgers on opening weekend

Troy will beat Oklahoma State again

That's it.  I shudder to think how bad these will look in one month, much less 4.

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