Where is that "Kittens" website?

First of all, kudos to Florida.  You guys won.  Glad we could help.

Now, a few "Why's" this morning:

Why get fancy?  We're not a fancy team.  Our second drive of the game should have resulted in 7.  It HAS to result in 7.  We got too cute and our coaching didn't trust the talent on the field.  I guess they felt like they needed something fancy.  Why?  What happened to Knowshon on the corner, with Southerland leading the way.  You are 2nd and short inside the 10.  Pound the ball. 

Why are we still committing key defensive penalties after 9 games?  Same ol' momentum killing, game changing crap.  Is this because of our coordinator?  I've never been a "Fire Martinez" guy, but now I'm beginning to wonder if we can't do better in that area of personnel.  However, the referees did affect this game....

Why can't we execute in the red zone?  This is an entirely different game if Stafford and Chandler hook up on what was a gimme just before the half.  Again, you MUST get 7 right before the half. 

Why did we draw Penn Wagers and crew again for the WLOCP?  The sight of that guy is tantamount to seeing my ex-wife show up at my birthday party.  There is  no hope of enjoying yourself.  Should'a just rented a movie and stayed home.

I don't know about you, but my expectations for this season took a hit when Jeff Owens went down for the season.  That loss was too big to overcome and I really believe it changed our defensive dynamic.  We not only lost our best interior lineman, but we lost a vocal, invaluable senior on a team which has a dearth of  on-field senior leadership.  Youth is a great moderation.  We were probably too young to compete for the MNC anyway.  Losing Ellerbe on the 2nd play of the game against 'Bama (no disrespect to Darryl Gamble) was huge, as well.  The Strudivant loss was huge, too, but our offensive line is not the problem.  It's our defense which was significantly weakened before the season really began.  And they continue to shoot themselves in the foot with turnover-reversing-penalties.

Go Dawgs!

Kittens are fluffy.



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