Courtney Kupets Rocks, I've Been Outvoted Again, and Les Miles is Still an Idiot

It's summer, so it must be the time for hosting college football countdowns and handing out awards to female Georgia athletes.

The latest such decorated distaff Bulldog is sophomore gymnast Courtney Kupets, who received the 2007 Honda Sports Award as the best college woman gymnast in the N.C.A.A. Kupets is a standout member of Suzanne Yoculan's national champion Gym Dogs and she also earned admission to the S.E.C. Academic Honor Roll with a 3.83 grade point average. I'd feel better about that last part if her classroom achievements hadn't been attained while she was majoring in "furnishings and interiors."

To me, that sounds suspiciously close to Virginia Tech's oft-mocked "apparel, housing, and resource management" major.

The votes are in on the most recent Dawg Sports poll question and losing in a blowout lost in a blowout. Bulldog Nation was asked, "If my team is going to lose, I would rather my team . . ." 80 per cent of respondents preferred to lose a nailbiter, while 20 per cent would rather just go ahead and absorb a drubbing.

You may count me in the minority on this one. I agree with Third Down Draw's Robert, who cogently wrote:

With a blowout, you've already moved on by the third quarter and have accepted the loss. A close loss is much more painful because it's filled with "what ifs." What if the right tackle hadn't jumped offside...what if the d-lineman from the other team didn't intercept the ball in the endzone on the play of the year to score a touchdown...what if a guy who had been smoking weed all year hadn't blocked three kicks...


We now bring you the latest edition of "Bozo the Coach."

Les Miles's recent remarks are being panned throughout the blogosphere, and nowhere more so than at The Band Is Out On The Field, where commenter Seth gave voice to his West Coast bias. It's all right, Seth; we think he's a dufus, too.

Finally, Stiles Points has been sitting down with college football bloggers representing Ohio State (Around The Oval), Nebraska (Corn Nation), and Oklahoma (Crimson and Cream Machine). You'll want to pay a visit this coming Monday, when I'll be answering five questions about rivalries, running backs, and the greatest players to wear the silver britches.

Go 'Dawgs!

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