What's the plan though?


While I'm -certainly- on your side regarding the proactive advocation of a Michigan-Georgia series, I'm left wondering: what's the plan for instigating this change?

Is it, as it appears, letter writing? And, perhaps most importanly: what, exactly, is the goal? Is it the stated goal (making this series happen)? Or is it to simply draw attention to the fact that there are a significant number of interested fans that want this? If it is the latter, then the strategy seems on the mark.

But if it is the former, then I'm left wondering, as a neutral observer, how a few passionate letters from a few passionate fans has any chance of achieving the stated goal. And, if the goal truly is to MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN., then might it be prudent to advocate more drastic measures?

I suspect that the former is what is at stake, and that you, Kyle, drew the same conclusion that I did: namely, that only proactive measures could lead to the desired result. Hence, bring in the media. Write the ESPN ombudsman.

But is that enough? And what, if anything, else should be done? I'm sort of thinking out loud here; I don't profess to know exactly how this should be done.

BUT, it is clear that you and many others seem committed to making this happen. I've just been wondering what the best approach to achieving the stated goal is.

Unfortunately, the goal in question isn't a matter of national concern, per se. There can be no Atticus Finch advocating something that is universal to all. The goal is, in fact, specific and is relatively limited to a number of people. Still, it remains a worthy goal; one worth discussing and thinking about; and one I (as a sideline observer) am curious as to how it might be best achieved.

Food for thought on a late Saturday night...

Burnt Orange Nation

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