Wednesday Night Dawg Bites

It's hard to believe it's already Wednesday night, but here we are and much is afoot in the intercollegiate athletics blogosphere, so give me, like, five minutes, and I promise I'll get you all caught up . . . O.K.? Ready? Here we go:

We'll start off here at Dawg Sports, where I have answered the BlogPoll roundtable discussion questions, broken down last Saturday's loss to Tennessee, cast my BlogPoll ballot and attempted to explain it, cast my MaxwellPundit ballot, picked all the games of note around the S.E.C. and throughout the nation, and declared the national game of disinterest.

I let the last poll question run a little longer than usual, collecting 166 responses to the inquiry, "Which team would you most like to see Georgia face in a bowl game this year?" It appears that Bulldog Nation is gung ho, as 25.9 per cent of voters wanted to go tangle with top-ranked Ohio State. 16.9 per cent wanted a rematch with West Virginia and 15.1 per cent were prepared to fulfill my goal of another Georgia-Michigan meeting. Southern California came in fourth with 12.7 per cent of the ballots, followed by Texas (9.6%), Clemson (7.8%), Louisville (3.0%), and Oregon (2.4%). "None of the above" took 6.6 per cent of the vote.

If we get to play the Buckeyes in a bowl game, my old "Dawg Show" co-host, Travis Rice, wants us to dot the "I" in the "spell Georgia" cheer.

A new poll question has been put forward for the good of the order, inspired by a recent diary posted by Swampy. The issue now before the house is this: "Is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution biased against the Bulldogs?"

The major story in the blogosphere today, of course, is the passing of Texas mascot Bevo XIII, whose demise has been covered at Burnt Orange Nation, Every Day Should Be Saturday, and the Georgia Sports Blog. So long, old sport.

This week's BlogPoll has been released and endorsed by The Washington Post. (No, seriously!) Georgia is ranked 18th, behind No. 2 Florida, No. 8 Tennessee, No. 11 Auburn, No. 13 Georgia Tech, No. 14 L.S.U., and No. 16 Arkansas.

The Gators are the BlogPoll's No. 2. I call them "No. 2."

The new MaxwellPundit results are out, as well, accompanied by a sensible explanation of the intention underlying this experiment.

Doug Gillett blames his underwear for Georgia's loss to Tennessee. That explanation sounds perfectly plausible to me. If what Warren St. John wears in Birmingham can affect whether Georgia wins at Auburn, surely Doug's duds can have an impact on the 'Dawgs, as well.

Naturally, if you, like Doug, are a loyal Bulldog fan in need of a pair of lucky game day underwear, you can click here and order a pair from Football Fanatics! (This has been a public service announcement from Dawg Sports.)

Despite Doug's oversight, the 'Dawgs still have a chance, because Tennessee is doomed . . . doomed, I tell you! The Volunteers made the cover of Sports Illustrated, so the jinxification should be kicking in any time now.

Finally, Orson Swindle is looking for an Official Every Day Should Be Saturday Cheesecake Girl.

Kristin Davis is amused by Orson Swindle's attempt to find a pinup girl as classy and beautiful as she. (Photograph from Star Pulse.)

That ought to tide you over for a while. I'll be getting back to you about Vandy soon enough.

Go 'Dawgs!

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